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high and tight mike: So I'll be at Comic Con all weekend, starting in about 10 minutes. Well Friday and Saturday at least... Who wants to bet I'm the only one who asks Michael Shur a baseball question?
[which is great on its own, but then here comes]
june has decided (who, sometimes, in her own cryptic fashion, is like knowing a living breathing version of the kevin bacon game): tell him i'm sorry and abjectly prostrate myself before him and to please have mercy. he'll know what it means

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Bobby Murcer lost his gallant and determined fight with brain cancer Saturday, a little more than a year-and-half after first being diagnosed with the most aggressive form of tumors. He was 62, and while most of those last 19 months of a life-too-short were spent enduring exhaustive, often-agonizing after-effects of intense chemotherapy and radiation, Murcer, true to his upbeat nature, regarded them as a blessing rather than a curse.

"I feel especially blessed," he told me a few months ago, "to have been able to hear from and see all these wonderful people who have been my fans. Through this entire ordeal, their prayers and support have been so gratifying. You have no idea what a strength the fans have been for me." [daily news]


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lol wut

"Alex is in New York with the Yankees and Cynthia has left their kids to go be with Lenny - not cool."


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