soft hands.

from joel sherman's blog last friday:

Count me as someone who is taking a break from the Phil Hughes hype train. I have seen all the numbers and I have heard all the glowing reports, but you know what I haven’t seen yet: Phil Hughes pitch well.

Not in spring training this year and not on Thursday night in his major league debut against the Blue Jays. He is just 20 and this was his first game, so I recognize we are far, far away from any kind of ultimate judgment on if Hughes is special or not. But, please, watching the YES broadcast on Thursday made me feel like I was at one of those Little League ceremonies where every kid gets a trophy. Short of Hughes falling on the mound and begging for his mommy, it seemed that YES had preordained that Hughes was going to have a positive game regardless of the result, kind of like all of those Monday Night Football games when Brett Favre is the pre-programmed hero right through his fourth interception.

the rest is even cuter! oddly, he doesn't seem to have addressed the issue again. gosh, i wonder why.

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