soft hands.

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ignore reggie.

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  • FUCKING RIDICULOUS. He can't be real

    By Blogger June, at 7:22 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • ikr? nom nom nom

    By Blogger lupe!, at 7:55 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • i pretty much always feel this way about him, but particularly in this picture, you kind of want to tear him to shreds like a porterhouse.

    By Blogger June, at 9:05 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • i love how far you've come from "HE DOESN'T GIVE ME FEELINGS BUT..." <3

    also - yes yes a thousand times yes. it's the thigh.

    okay and everything else.

    By Blogger lupe!, at 9:13 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>

    By Blogger June, at 11:13 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • The pose reminds me a little of that painting of Washington crossing the Delaware. Except Washington never looked so good in tight pants.

    By Blogger Karen, at 11:46 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • These responses are sexist. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    By Blogger Mr. Faded Glory, at 4:57 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • i'll do an alicia witt/elizabeth kucinich post in the future to even things out

    By Blogger lupe!, at 10:12 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • well i suppose that's fair enough

    By Blogger Mr. Faded Glory, at 4:55 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • BREAKING NEWS: he only looks like that cuz of all the steroids

    By Blogger June, at 9:35 AM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • Maybe he got his ass into shape by banging Canseco's blonde, bodybuilding ex-wife.

    I kinda hope so anyway.

    By Blogger Mr. Faded Glory, at 5:09 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • soooooo all canseco's heretofore huffing and puffing about alex not being what we all think he is etc etc stems from the fact that arod hit on his wife once? snort

    also: lawl, does alex never stray from his type or what? jeezus.

    By Blogger lupe!, at 7:03 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • he sure does like the mannish ones doesn't he...

    By Blogger Mr. Faded Glory, at 7:32 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • she was pretty cute before she went all joan rivers on her face. why, girl? i guess low self esteem + being married to the traveling canseco freakshow'll do that to you :/

    By Blogger lupe!, at 11:54 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • dude, you gotta put a warning on a link like that. eeeeeeek u can tell she was pretty before. how sad

    By Blogger June, at 8:44 AM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • whenever i see that picture i hear circus music in the background

    By Blogger Mr. Faded Glory, at 5:48 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>
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