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a moment of silence plz

matty deweirdo is no longer with us:
Righty Matt DeSalvo, who was 1-3 in seven games (six starts) for the Yanks last season, signed with the Braves. [daily news]

in other news, i'm watching a yankees classic from april 25th 2005 right now and a) i'm mildly excited to have the third baseman here for the long haul b) some dude named carl pavano started a game that went on to be a yankees classic? whoa

in old old like november old land of make believe alex rodriguez news:
Alex Rodriguez is in the final stages of contract negotiations with the L.A. Dodgers.

At 9AM (Pacific time) Rodriguez’s management was grabbing an early brunch with friends, one person in the party being an undisclosed high ranking MLB official, in Los Angeles. At this brunch terms of Rodriguez’s soon to be signed “5 year contract” we’re discussed in detail.

Our source in the brunch party “overheard” that Rodriguez will take a small pay cut, in relation to his actual market value which was said to be estimated at “$33 million dollars per year,” because he has faith that Joe Torre will bring the team to the World Series with in the length of his new managerial contract.

Rodriguez is signing this new contract with the L.A. Dodgers because he, “wants to play in another major market team that has World Series potential.” [coed mag]

overheard? at brunch? maybe somebody had one mimosa too many? i dunno, maybe the mag's supposed to be like the onion or something.

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  • Also, 9 a.m. is NOT "brunch," "early" or otherwise. That it had to be noted as "Pacific Time" is a little strange too. Unless the undisclosed high-ranking MLB official was having French toast with a side of hamburger THAT early in the day, I'm inclined to think the whole thing was made up too.

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