soft hands.

Corrupt in conception, inept in execution, this is in general a vile report. What decency there is in it comes from, of all people, Andy Pettitte. The ostentatiously religious Pettitte, who deserves and will receive a rousing ovation the next time he takes the mound at Yankee Stadium, will be scorned by many as a hypocrite, but according to the second-hand accounting of this report, he decided to use HGH because he thought it would "speed his recovery and help his team." And what could be nobler than that? [tim marchman]

what a sad, sordid mess. it cost what, 20 million dollars to produce a billion pages worth of something that generally reads like a bizarro world page 6 (the brian roberts section? give me a fucking break)? on the dl probably has more trustworthy and varied sources. and now what? am i supposed to believe that this is really anymore than a lot of "HEY LOOK AT MLB WE CARE!"? please.


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  • It's no small irony that at least according to Dr. George Griffing, Professor of Medicine at St. Louis University and Editor in Chief of Internal Medicine for eMedicine (he must have a really big business card), who was cited by Neyer today:


    In people with normal GH levels, HGH does not improve athletic performance in terms of muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance. In fact, several placebo-controlled studies have been negative.

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