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i don't want to let you go til you see the light

we all love our relationship analogies, yeah?

Bitter is like the most popular guy in school asked you out, you think he likes you, you basically act the part of the dude in "When a Man Loves a Woman" (the song, not the movie, and the Percey Sledge version, not the Michael Bolton one -- he's going to come on the scene and freak you out in about eight years) and jump to his defense when everyone tries to knock him, because you know, believe he's genuine, and then he dumps you to go bang all the sluts in your school, your crosstown rival and at the Catholic school. Because you sticking up and defending him in blog posts that took you weeks to write meant nothing.
[bisch, explaining bitter to baby bisch in one of my most favorite blog posts of this or any other times]

And now it really doesn’t seem much different than your typical boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl story…does it?

He told you many times how much he loved you, how much he wanted to be a part of your family. You heard him, but did you ever really believe him?

It was love at first sight in February 2004…right around Valentine’s Day in fact. You couldn’t believe your good fortune. The prettiest girl in school really wanted to go to the prom with you??? Together you were going places. You had your ups and downs, but you thought in the end your love for each other was going to pull you through. After all, money can’t buy you love…can it?

Of course, you’ll get another chance. You’ll have the chance to take him back. Maybe before he takes that last fateful step, before he signs the final papers and makes that phone call. You know the one. “Baby, are you sure we can’t work this out?”

But you laid down the law. Just like Gloria Gainor, you told A-Rod that if you “walk out the door, don’t turn around now, cuz you’re not welcome anymore.” If you go back on your word now, you’re inviting everyone to walk all over you for the rest of your life.

But now you start to wonder…were you to blame for this? You knew this might be a possibility. It was part of the pre-nup you signed, remember? And he didn’t keep it a secret. He hinted at it this past spring…if you don’t treat him better, maybe you won’t have him to kick around anymore. Maybe you could have loved him more, been more understanding when he was feeling troubled. He says he still wants to be with you, but you’ve had your doubts all along. [sweeny murti]

and i'm thinking this is either the baseball equivalent of "take me back, i was drunk!" or it's like that time your first love stomped all over your heart only to come back a short while later all "take me back, i was wrong." so you do, because you miss him. he's the prettiest boy of all the boys, and the smartest, and the charmingest when he decides to be, and after all isn't it a credit to you that you can pull that kind of [boy equivalent of wool]? so you're happy, right? of course, and you'll stand by your man and all, but it's never gonna be the same sweet, blindly hopeful thing. oh well. what better to leave yall with than a little song from one of the brilliantest of bitter lovesongwriters:


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  • Extending the lyrical analogies:

    "Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you got 'til it's gone." - Joni Mitchell

    Some people just grow up a little later than others (not that I would know anything about that).

    By Blogger Rich, at 10:32 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • This is much more an analogy of when your wonderful girl says your relationship "needs a break in order to see if it's really for reals the real thing" and takes off on the advice of that complete bitch who is her best friend who always hated you because you "took away" her club buddy and misery loves company.

    So the love of your life takes off and bangs about half of the city while on the "break" in order to feel complete and liberated and independent, but at the end of it all she knows it's just meaningless, and begins to wonder why none of the other guys ever treat her with the respect and kindness that you always had. Instead, they treat her like nothing more than an easy lay party girl, who is fun to show off in public but not ever take home to the family.

    Sure enough, a month or so later she's having a mutual friend call you to ask if she can "talk." You give in because you know you love her despite what she's done to you. She apologizes and says it's a huge mistake and she never should have listened to her friend but she was confused and scared.

    She promises never to do it again, and says how going on without you just never really felt right. So, you take her back, but the trust factor is destroyed. You're constantly worried that upon the next bump in the road, she'll be looking for the door again and you know she still talks to the skank beast that suggested it in the first place.

    Your lady denies ever sleeping with anyone else, and says she just needed to "find herself," but you know better. Especially because one of your friends had her over for a threesome with the skank beast.

    So now you have the girl back, but the relationship isn't what it was anymore.

    Also, now you have AIDS.

    By Blogger Mr. Faded Glory, at 12:03 AM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • but the trust factor is destroyed

    basically what i was driving at. no matter how ironclad yr union supposedly is or what they do to atone or how happy you end up in the grand scheme of things, there's always gonna be that numb little part of you that's constantly expecting them to reach for the door again

    ermface. yeah!

    By Blogger lupe!, at 12:19 AM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • Also that was a partially true story.

    Not the AIDS part.

    By Blogger Mr. Faded Glory, at 12:45 AM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • yarr i figured

    By Blogger lupe!, at 1:12 AM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • Man, did I just get quoted in a post with an Eddie Money reference in its title?


    By Blogger Karen, at 10:22 AM   <$BlogItemControl$>
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