soft hands.

second best minor league promotion ever?

rick babe ruth ankiel comic book day! (thx dan, who also gets mini qotd: "Man, I’m beginning to lose patience with this team. They can’t even fall out of contention right.")

speaking of, one of my favorite things to read over at the milb site is the weekly promotions roundup. it's too wonderfully snarky and fun:
In a prime example of mankind's remarkable ability to evolve and adapt, Minor League promotion directors keep finding new body parts that can be "bobbled." Just six days after the Stockton Ports' "Fonzie Bobble Arm" giveaway, the Whitecaps will be distributing 1,000 "Ty Cobb Bobblefoot Dolls" prior to Tuesday's contest against the Chiefs. These items -- fittingly sponsored by Foot and Ankle Specialists of West Michigan -- feature a determined-looking Cobb sliding into a base. His foot bobbles menacingly, no doubt looking for an opposing bobblefielder it can brutally spike.

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