soft hands.

romantic advice from jerry remy and don orsillo:

(while watching what looked like a bad blind date being filmed in the romantic monster seats)

remy: i swear to god don, i think the best approach is to sit very calmly, look deep into her eye, and say "how you doin?"
orsillo: you're gonna have two long innings, you gonna throw that out there the beginning of the next inning too? you gotta have something more than that!
remy: you can always fall back on "how you doin?" cause she might be doin different, like two minutes from now than she was doin three minutes ago, know what i mean?
[some other stuff]
remy: and then there's that famous line, "i noticed you were sitting here alone. [pause] you shouldnt have been."
orsillo: "are your legs tired? cause you've been running around in my mind all day!"

[baseball happens]

remy: let's go back to the guy!
[they watch more of the date]
orsillo: [unintelligible] look, his eyes almost popped out! he looked like large marge!
remy: she has no intention... look at her! .......... poor guy, i feel bad.
orsillo: it's not going well and he knows it!

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