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alyssa milano:

... even if all the rumors about my MLB love life were true (which they're not) –- we should really examine the double standard that is in full effect here. I know for a fact, that there are many MLB players (plural) or athletes in general for that matter who have dated many Screen Actors Guild members. I won't name names (cough Derek Jeter cough). And yet, these guys are considered cool and we give them props for getting their high profile starlets. On the other hand, women who have dated more than one guy in any profession are easy targets for ridicule. I am speaking personally of course, but I am sure any woman that reads this entry can relate to this double standard and how it may pertain to their lives relative to their own experience.


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  • Is it okay if I just ridicule her for appearing on Charmed?

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  • you can do whatever makes you happy

    was charmed that bad? i never watched it, probably on the grounds that how soon is now should never have been remade and certainly not used as a theme song for a tv show.

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