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an oldie but a goodie

was going through the BoBC post we've got stickied for preserving favorite bits of our gamethreads, and while i was looking for something else entirely, i thought this was too fun to pass by:

sey: Tony Womack, last among American League starters in slugging percentage, last in the league in RBIs per baserunner (11 out of 155), last in the league in marginal lineup value, second-least productive hitter in the league as per VORP (trailing Aaron Boone); the fourth-worst in on-base percentage (trailing Boone, Juan Uribe, and Omar Infante) enjoy!
me: do you really not realize how up to date i am on tony-womack-hating-material?
sey: Just making sure everyone knows. I'm going to vote for Tony for the all star game!

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