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Mike Mussina, not one to take big sartorial risks, picked up a brown felt fedora "Indiana Jones" style hat and was featuring it with a black leather jacket. "It started out as a joke, but I kind of l ike it," Mussina said.

It was a hit. "He IS loosening up this year," Carl Pavano hollared. "The Moose is LOOSE."

Someone came up with a new nickname: "Pensylvania Jones" [dom amore's blog]

warm and fuzzy as the above makes me, i have to disagree with dom's opinion on what constitutes sartorial risks -- moose is a guy who wears the likes of coogi sweaters and chico's bail bonds t-shirts. that all seems pretty risky to me.


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  • the only "people clothes" (as dani calls them) that I remember ever seeing him in was an old, dingy, white, short sleeved polo shirt with flashy 80's-style teal and navy blue abstract graphic slashes on it. I would have taken a picture but he already had a wary suspicious eye trained on me- sorry

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  • i don't blame him, you are pretty sketchy!

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  • it probably didn't help that i super-dramatically rolled my eyes at his behavior, as if to non-verbally say: "oh please bitch as if i'd want any piece-a you"

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