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The most notable piece of information coming out of ESPN's Sunday Yankees-Red Sox telecast had nothing to do with the network's attempts to portray Daisuke Matsuzaka as a man who has reinvented the art of throwing a baseball.

...ESPN created its own fib with a sequence video of Boston's four-HR barrage. At the end of the third inning, replays of each dinger aired. The fourth, hit by Jason Varitek, was followed by a reaction shot of a stunned Boston GM, Theo Epstein, saying, "Oh my God." This replay was taken out of sequence. Epstein went gaga after J.D. Drew hit the second HR. ... After their great Dice-K buildup, Miller/Morgan/Gammons didn't offer a credible critique of the pitcher's performance, which did not come close to matching all the hype. Perhaps the most honest analysis came during a shot of Alex Rodriguez in the Yankee dugout. His lips, and his Dice-K comment, appeared easy to read: "He's got nothing." . . . Late in Braves-Mets Friday, the SNY crew, led by Gary Cohen, decided it was a good idea to discuss how opponents could be upset over A-Rod's recent HR celebrations. For the SNY guys to go down this road was strange.

They were markedly absent in 2006, not raising a similar question after a Mets celebration was touched off by David Wright's game-winning hit off Mariano Rivera. The SNY guys also have not pursued a similar curiosity - or condemnation - over the Mets' orchestrated dugout dances usually led by the great Jose Reyes. [bob raissman]

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  • "He's got nothing."
    {gives up fighting The Feelings}
    {SUCH Feelings}

    also, the SNY thing - SHOCKING.

    but the blooper-led JOSE! JOSEJOSEJOSE! chanting you bogged recently more than makes up for SNY's slack - forever and ever amen.

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