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A-Rod for Pat Burrell. Even up.

OK, stop laughing and just read on.

The Phillies are desperate for a righthanded power bat to protect Ryan Howard. Maybe even desperate enough to pick up the $20-odd million a year due Rodriguez. Since Burrell makes $10 million, it's not a crazy as it sounds. Factor in that former third baseman David Bell made $4 million and catcher Mike Lieberthal made $8 million and the money clearly is available.

And having two 50-homer men in a city that hadn't had one since Jimmie Foxx would certainly pack the park to the tune of three million customers (a la 2004) again.

So it would be worth considering financially, too.

I know what you're thinking: The Phillies might do it, but why would the Yankees?

Well, they might not. But Burrell's 61 homers and 212 RBIs the last two seasons (32 and 117 in 2005; 29 and 95 this year) are nothing to sneeze at, and neither is the $10 million savings Burrell would represent. [philly inquirer]


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  • I am actually compiling a list of local paper "what we'll give for A-Rod" articles. It's amazing how many reporters think their local team can just jettison whatever garbage they no longer want and acquire a 32 year old third baseman with nearly 500 home runs :D

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