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1. per replacement level: TEH MESSIAH HAS A WEBSITE!

2. happy halloween! i think this is the first time ever i'm not dressing up for my favorite holiday; i no longer have a job that requires it, and my neighborhood has slowly become trick-or-treater free. still have my snow white costume and my lydia deetz dress collecting dust though.. if i can find a download of witch's night out or mr boogedy somewhere maybe i'll get dressed up later for a not-very-scary film festival. :D
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  • I have never seen either of those movies although considering Kristy Swanson is in one I'm suddenly interested :D

    Every year my friend Chris does a Halloween film festival (from noon until about 2am - Blair Witch always at midnight) with random movies that nobody has ever heard of (he works for horrordvds.com, so what else would you expect?).

    This year's fare were Creepshow, A Tale of Two Sisters (a subtitled Korean film that's a complete mindfuck, and Dagon, which is probably one of the worst of the Lovecraft adaptations I have ever seen.

    Favorite horror flick: The Wicker Man. I love that movie, and not just for the rampant nudity (by women who are probably now in their 60's, ermface). I refuse to watch the sequel with Nick Cage that completely destroyed (and didn't even acknowledge) the two main themes of the original: religion and patriarchy.

    Ok, enough of my rambling.

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  • .. and wow, if that's what's goign on in Lakewood, maybe I should check out how my old homestead is holding up.

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  • you are SO snow white!!

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  • 1) on lakewood - it's a huge mess, and i've seen the state of things provoke unsettlingly intolerant responses in the most mild mannered people, and i'm not excluding myself, unfortunately. on the one hand i love being part of such a diverse place, but on the other, it's become increasingly apparent there are really two towns here, not one -- orthodox and everyone else. and basically the local government doesn't give a shit if you're not orthodox or elderly.

    2) witch's night out and mr boogedy are two brilliant cheesy old kids movies and if you can find them, send me a copy plz thx

    3) i thought i was the only person who enjoyed blair witch. it genuinely freaked me out. the birds messed me up too.

    4) on snow white - a nurse i used to work with was a big time disney fan and was dead set on convincing me to quit and move to florida so i could be snow white at disney world. i'm not even kidding.

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  • My guess is also you were classy Snow White, and not the more common "slutty" version, because that my friend is how you roll.

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  • On diversity: diversity is great when it's actual diversity and not simply independent cultures who don't get along or interact.

    In other news I'm sure you would have enjoyed our Halloween festivities.

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