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my grandma would probably be all "why do you bunt so goddamned much?"

Helen Beller is truly a Yankees fan for the ages.

The great-great-grandma from Manhattan's upper West Side has been rootin' for the Bronx Bombers all her life, which began in 1903, the same year the Yanks were born as the Highlanders.

Last night she saw her first game at the stadium in more than a half-century - a treat provided by her grandson.

But then Beller got an unexpected treat, thanks to Yankee General Manager Brian Cashman.

She got to meet her favorite player, Derek Jeter, and for a moment she seemed less like a 103-year-old woman and more like a starstruck young fan.

"You're so goddamned handsome," she blurted out to the All-Star shortstop, as they posed for a photo.

Jeter looked around for help, then simply replied, "Thank you."

For a second pose, Beller put her arm around the grinning Jeter and whispered, "No one deserves to be that good looking." [ daily news]


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