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"You know, sometimes I believe there are no gods, the way the world goes." -- michael kay

okay, crazy... can i say how refreshingly hysterics free the last few broadcasts sans kay have been? i really enjoyed kitty and flaherty together, and thought dr hibbert did a fine solo act last night. they should boot kay, stick bobby in the studio where he's the least bumblingly annoying and rotate senator al, hibbert, kitty, and flash in the booth.

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  • al is SO senatorial! nail on head.

    By Blogger June, at 9:52 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • thx but i'm not the first to call him that, i think his notions of a political future are pretty well doumented.

    also, i neglected to mention the fact that i really didn't think i could hate kay more than i already did... but i do. what an ass.

    By Blogger lupe_velez, at 10:58 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • why no love for paulie? i think he does a good job :(

    i was really hoping the nazi thing got him fired from YES, but apparently you can go on and on about the holocaust on the air and keep your job but can't hug aan intern

    By Blogger Mr. Faded Glory, at 5:33 AM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • paulie's okay. i think he does his best work when he's torturing kay, though, and i'd give that up if it meant no more opus.

    By Blogger lupe_velez, at 8:12 AM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • is michael kay jewish?

    By Blogger June, at 12:45 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>
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