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pornstaches for everyone!

it just hasn't been the same since gabe white left.

"You've got to dye that thing," Cashman tells Giambi, whose new mustache is coming in a little too light.

Giambi is growing the only allowable facial hair in Yankeeland as a tribute to his hitting coach. "Bringing back the Hit Man, Don Mattingly, the way he used to play," Giambi says.

Says clean-shaven pitcher Jaret Wright: "I think if it makes him feel sexy at the plate, then do it."

Sal Fasano is the undisputed king of mustache in the Bronx, if not all of baseball. Maxim magazine put him on a list of the top 10 mustaches in baseball history - twice. Fasano's Fu Manchu from earlier this season with the Phillies and his current upper lip mane both made the list.

"I think it's funny," Fasano says. "I made it twice, that makes it even more funny. It's to the point now where even if I wanted to shave it, I can't shave it. Next year, when I sign, I'll have two contracts, one for my mustache, one for my body. My mustache has gotten a lot more exposure."

This is what happens in August, when the baseball season seems to slow down and the wackiness seems to speed up. Fasano is trying to get his locker-room neighbor, infielder Nick Green, to grow a 'stache, but Green says, "I'm not a mustache kind of guy." To that, Fasano replies, "He could be, he's just afraid."

Johnny Damon isn't afraid. Asked about Giambi's mustache, the former "Caveman" immediately smiles and exclaims, "I love it! I'm gonna have one soon." [daily news]
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