soft hands.

peter abraham's become one of my favorite Internet People:
Scouts get fired and rehired someplace else all the time. Since Cashman got more juice last October there have been a number of changes in the organization.

If the Yankees go deep in the playoffs, you can bet there will be more firings because Cashman will have even more power.

As Steinbrenner concedes more duties to his son-in-law, you'll see a lot of the glad-handers in Tampa (or "boot-licking toadies" as the Post called them earlier this season) run out of the organization.

At this point, Cashman is Michael Corleone. You're either with him or you're Moe Green on the massage table.

fantastic last line. reminded me of

“Brian [cashman] comes off as very humble, but he is one street-savvy motherfucker,” says an admiring baseball agent. “Those people who underestimate him in any way—he will cut their throats.” [new york magazine]


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