soft hands.

maybe it's not "i hate baseball/baseball hates me" week after all

apparently, we are now so blase about phil hughes toying with AA hitters that the trenton times noted his no-hit five innings only at the end of an article focusing on randy ruiz:

In perhaps his best outing of the season, Hughes had a perfect game going until he walked Aeros designated hitter Shaun Larkin with one out in the fifth. Still, he left with the no-hitter in tact after five frames, striking out nine of the 16 batters he faced.

"He's had a lot of good (outings)," Masse said. "But his stuff was just electric tonight. His ball just explodes, and it seemed like he was throwing a little harder tonight."

Over his last 12 starts, Hughes is 7-0 with 84 strikeouts, while limiting his opposition to just 28 hits in 70 2/3 innings of work. His fastball hit as high as 96 mph on the radar gun, with 93 mph being the norm.


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