soft hands.

hee hee


get_in_mirabelli: shhhhh everybody be quiet Manny's coming /snickers
KapYoAzz: Why do we have to be quiet? He's been in there watching old tapes of Muppet Babies all day long.

get_in_mirabelli: Ramirez! My main Manny, what's up, how was that Muppet Babies over there
MannyTheTorpedoes: bery good we saw gondzo wreg a car while he play preten an he go flyin like a airplang, an camiller the chiggen was hurt
get_in_mirabelli: Why that sounds exciting!
MannyTheTorpedoes: thinks turn out gray tho nanny take camiller the chiggen an fix her with needles an strang

nanny being nanny
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