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Bobby Abreu was pulled from the lineup 10 minutes before today's game in Philadelphia. Indications are the Yankees have made a deal for Abreu and RHP Cory Lidle.

The Yankees would give up two or three prospects. One of them is expected to be SS C.J. Henry, their first-round pick from 2005 who has proven to be a bust so far. The Yankees also would give up LHP Matt Smith and possibly one other lower-level prospect. They would pick all of Abreu's salary but not his option for 2008.

He would agree to waive his no trade clause for a lump-sum payment.

More on this as the information becomes available. [lohud yankees blog]

and the first postgame word out of joe torre's mouth re what abreu brings to the team? "experience." don't forget to pack your bellyful of guts, bobby!


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