soft hands.

Sources said Hernandez was reprimanded after the game by SNY executive producer Curt Gowdy Jr. That led to yesterday's apology during the second inning of the Mets-Padres game on Ch. 11.

"In my discussion I made a couple of inappropriate comments," Hernandez said. "If I have offended anybody I sincerely apologize."

Hernandez then referenced MLB's rule book, which he said states that besides the manager, players and five coaches, only the "head" and "assistant" trainers are allowed in the dugout.

Padres manager Bruce Bochy said before yesterday's game he had not heard firsthand what Hernandez had said but was told about it and was not amused.

"I didn't think gender was even an issue anymore," he said.

Calabrese said she was flabbergasted by Hernandez's comments.

"It amazes me that somebody of that caliber that has obviously played the game before and is in front of an audience of millions of people would say something like that," she said. "It's a little shocking, but you know what - it happens.

"He not only discredited me as a person, but he discredited women," she said.

Calabrese then walked down the hallway to the Padres' training room and joked, "Should I go in the kitchen now?" [bob raissman]
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  • well, his apology was actually an apology (instead of the usual "I apologize if anyone TOOK MY COMMENTS THE WRONG WAY" blame-the-victim kind of apology in these situations)... but I love how he has to hedge it with pointing out something "in his defense". you almost rather he hadn't apologized at all. :roll:

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  • well inevitably ... "Nah, I prefer my romantic partners to be inanimate objects who do not challenge me personally or intellectually". hee!

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  • but I love how he has to hedge it with pointing out something "in his defense". you almost rather he hadn't apologized at all.

    he reminds me of a guy reading an apology afrer being found guilty of some crime, and you know he's not sorry he did it, just sorry he got caught. hernandez isn't sorry for being a jackass, he's sorry people heard him.

    that dugout os fantastic :D

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  • also, when i initially heard his comments i thought immediately that i'd heard him say stuff along those lines before regarding sports reporters. maybe suzyn waldman mentioned it before, i don't remember now, but i just saw this in one of bob raissman's columns:
    Hernandez said yesterday that he "never had a problem" with women reporters covering baseball. This was news to Suzyn Waldman. Despite Hernandez's proclamation about baseball being a "man's game," she has earned a living in it for nearly two decades. Now, as the analyst on Yankee radiocasts, Waldman is the only woman doing that job in the big leagues.

    "I wasn't surprised (by what Hernandez said) since he said a lot worse to me nearly 20 years ago," Waldman said. "You get shocked, but he really got me good (with a vile response after she tried introducing herself) my first time in the Mets clubhouse. But this is nothing new. And it isn't just about Hernandez. You hear this stuff every day. If you let it stop you, it will.

    "There are people like Keith Hernandez all over the world. That isn't going to change," Waldman said. "He believes what he is going to believe."

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