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This is the only completely positive column about Alex Rodriguez you are likely to read.

After this paragraph, you will not be reading the word "but" as in A-Rod is the reigning AL MVP, but (fill in the rip by Ozzie Guillen, the foot-in-the-mouth, self-pitying moment in which Rodriguez says "my life is about getting crushed" as he did yesterday, the exhumation of last year's postseason meltdown or the flips then flops about the World Baseball Classic). From here forward, this is purely about, well, the most talented player in the majors.

That is a good place to start. You are possibly watching the greatest player you will ever see. [joel sherman]

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  • OMG I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT THIS THIS AM! I heard on the radio all the brou ha ha about his expressing his displeasure about the WBC's handling of his participation issues, and I rolled my eyes and thought oh, great, all the poor pathetic jealous velociraptors are gonna go nuts with this one... and I was thinking how nice and free it feels to be secure enough in myself that i don't have to savage possibly the best player I will see in my lifetime to feel powerful - and what a pleasure it is to be able to just watch and enjoy what he does.

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  • "This is the only positive article you will see" *bring up a paragraph of nastiness*

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