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my new year's resolution:

Girl #1: Remember when we would go out, make up stories and fake names?
Girl #2: Yeah, that was fun.
Girl #1: We really need to lie more.
--6 train [overheard in new york]
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  • This is my fav. because it's wrong on so many levels:

    Girl #1: You're going off the pill? What about STDs and AIDS?
    Girl #2: Yeah, and babies!
    Girl #1: STDs and AIDS are worse than babies.
    Girl #2: True.

    --Madison & 26th

    Oh, I I lie to total strangers all the time. I think the trick is to see who can tell the most outlandish tale and still have it believed. My best of 2005 was my "former jockey" story about how I was a jockey until I hurt my leg and couldn't ride anymore. The two people not only bought it, they were in rapt attention. I'm 6'2, 200+lbs.

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