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Joe Torre has made recruiting calls to free agents before and he's doing it again this offseason as the Yankees pursue free agent outfielder Brian Giles.

Although Torre himself would not specifically identify to whom he had reached out, sources said Giles received a call from the Yankee manager and Giles' agent, Joe Bick, confirmed it.

...Torre, who was at the Stadium yesterday for Hideki Matsui's press conference, is said to be very much in favor of trying to sign Giles to fill the Yanks' hole in center field. Torre also has the support of several front-office talent evaluators, who believe Giles' lefty bat would be a perfect fit in the Yankee lineup (his patience could offset some of the Yanks' free-swingers). While Giles' prowess in center field remains a question - he has spent most of his career as a corner outfielder - the Bombers apparently are satisfied that he can handle the job and he has emerged as the team's first choice, sources said. [daily news]


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  • Torre also went golfing with Albert Belle before his signed with Baltimore, but the article fails to mention that

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