soft hands.

It's important to touch on a few now before this gets out of hand, before the Yankees acquire Bradley to patrol the ground made hallowed by Bernie Williams and before him, Hall of Famers Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio and Earle Combs.

Among other very bad deeds, Bradley sped away from a speeding ticket, was jailed for yelling at a police officer, was questioned about three domestic disputes at his house last summer (his new bride had a bloody lip one time), was suspended for throwing a bottle at the feet of fans, called a reporter an "Uncle Tom," engaged in a feud with teammate Jeff Kent (that one may be defensible) and spit gum at an umpire. And he's only 27, which only means plenty of time for many more blowups and meltdowns. [newsday]

27? forget that then, he's way too young to play for the yankees.


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