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Kim Ng, a vice president and assistant general manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers the past four years, became the first candidate to interview for the team's vacant GM job.

Team spokesman Josh Rawitch said Ng was interviewed Saturday. If hired to succeed Paul DePodesta, she would become major league baseball's first female GM.

Before joining the Dodgers, the 36-year-old Ng served as vice president and assistant general manager for the New York Yankees from 1998-2001.

Ng and Roy Smith, vice president of player development, are handling front-office duties for the Dodgers until a general manager is hired, and will represent the team at the GM meetings, which begin Tuesday in Palm Springs. [daily news]
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  • Aww, that's cool. Good for Kim. I really thought for a while she would be the first female GM for the Yanks when Cash left (obviously before she left the team) and I hope she gets the job in LA.

    However, Tommy Lasorda is on a power play. I hear him on the radio here all along. He doesn't like "stat guys" and wants "proven guys." He went so far as to say that his GM choices were (in order mind you):
    1 - Jim Bowden
    2 - Pat Gillick

    That's it. Also he wants Bobby Valentine to manage.

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