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from High and Tight:
Apparently the Marlins offers to the Yankees (all declined) were as follows:

NYY: Wang + Cano for FLA: Beckett + Lowell
NYY: Wang + Duncan + B prospect for FLA: Beckett + Lowell
NYY: Wang + Cano + Duncan + B prospect for FLA: Beckett + Lowell + Luis Castillo + Juan Pierre

It seems Brian Cashman was serious when he stated he wouldn't trade Cano, Wang, Duncan or Hughes and also that he had no interest in Juan Pierre.

and Buster Olney:
Now the Red Sox are moving close to a first big strike, with the impending acquisition of Josh Beckett, and we are accustomed to seeing the Yankees hammering away in response. However, what the Yankees might do is bite the bullet, instead of firing back.

Sure, the Yankees would love to sign B.J. Ryan to be a set-up man, but don't have any real hope that is going to happen. They'd love to add Brian Giles to their outfield, but they're fully aware he could sign someplace else. But in this first winter since the organization has rededicated itself to the philosophy of developing and even keeping prospects -- an approach that led to the dynasty of 1996-2001 -- the Yankees might make only marginal changes. "There is a perception that things haven't gone our way this offseason," Brian Cashman said Tuesday morning. "But everything that's happened so far is not unexpected to me."


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