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The agent for Baltimore closer B.J. Ryan yesterday said that Ryan will test the free-agent market and is interested in the Yankees, even though that would mean moving to a set-up role.

"If and when the Yankees want to talk to us about him, we certainly will -- as with every other club," John Courtright said. "The Yankees aren't every other club.

"I think he'd love to close. But I think the first parameter to him is a chance to compete to win." [newark star ledger]


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  • What could be interesting about this is I don't think he can use the Yankees to drum up his price like most FAs can... since most other clubs will be offering him a closer's role and most likely would be willing to pay more for that.

    Rivera, Gordon (if he accepts arb), Ryan, Bean, Henn, Small, Sturtze. That's a nice little pen.

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  • If I am not mistaken, Ryan has already signed ith the Jays. Toronto, with a depletede bullpen is in bad need of a closer. I guess Ryan was unhappy with the fact that he will just be used as a setup guy for Mariano Rivera.

    By Anonymous Wong Online PoKér Hu, at 8:32 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>
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