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the joe west fan club

found this priceless email exchange over at shannon's blog and took the liberty of reposting it here:

My good friend Joe West:
I just wanted to extend my most sincere thanks for ending the Yankees season on such a high note. Your call on Robinson Cano in Game five has to be one of the most ludicrous calls I have seen in all my days. I really hope that you look into getting laser eye surgery because it sure seems like you are in dire need of it. It must be a wonderful job that you have, being able to send a team home for the winter and end their dreams of the World Series all because you made craptastic calls. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

Love Always,

and wouldn't you know he replied to her? i shit you not:

from UmpireJoeWest@aol.com...

I'm not your good friend and never will be.
I don't usually respond to people as stupid as you are. No one in Major League Baseball believes that I missed that call.
So thanks for be so incompetent.


no joe, thank you. you just made my day.


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  • It's nice to see Mr. West took the time to ask everyone in Major League Baseball what they thought of his call.

    Big thumbs up, Joe!

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