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...i present to you, for your reading pleasure, one of the funniest pieces of broadcaster babble i have ever heard. it easily would have been the funniest had i not grown up listening to the REAL scooter. (edited slightly to emphasize vocal inflections)

Joe Buck: Now, obviously, you're talking about one of the best (Jeter) leaders in the game today, somebody who is just a winner, and somebody who - when he came up in his rookie year in '96 - just had that look about him like he'd been here before. Jeter has been one of the most consistent players in the game over the past nine years.

Tim McCarver: At the risk of going ga-ga too much, I mean, this guy is THOROUGHLY hip. He is about as hip, to use that young expression, as there is any player in the game. He's tough, he's rugged, he is a winner, he's a guy who makes the big plays, and he has four World Series titles to his credit.

JB: Clearly the two of us are thoroughly in love with Derek Jeter!

TM: Ah, c'mon! I knew, see, when I say 'at the risk of going ga-ga' I knew that you would point out that I was going ga-ga.

JB: Well I was over there too, I was in Ga-Ga Land, too. (With a broadcaster tone dripping with sarcasm.) He's a winner, he's a born leader, this is a LIVE Yankeeography...

TM: (Laughs uncomfortably)

JB: ...24 home runs, this handsome, debonair, swashbuckling...

TM: Quit it!

JB: ...last guy to wear number 2 for the Yankees hit back in 1999. HE is Derek Jeter and HE [deliberate pause for dramatic effect] is out. One away here in the third inning.

TM: Cut it out! (More forced laughter.)

JB: SOMEHOW Glendon Rusch got him to ground out! ...[voice takes on a flat affect] And here's Womack. Ga-ga land is shut down for Tony Womack. The rides are closed. [courtesy of singapore sox fan]

wonderfully reminiscent of the timeless tomato nation "Derek Jeter blowing a bubble, ladies and gentlemen -- just a little bubble, a modest bubble, a bubble that reflects Jeter's well-adjusted and down-to-earth upbringing as the successful product of an interracial relationship, a bubble that says, 'I love America and also my mom" diatribe.

honorable mention goes to:

- buck, on arod making a nice play immediately after it was revealed rodriguez and robin ventura recently had dinner together: "calling robin ventura... calling robin ventura!"
- buck, after discussing matsui's insane offensive tear post-ankle-turning: "[deliberate pause] word is that none of the yankees have thought yet about turning the ankle of giambi."

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  • Now if only they could poke fun at themselves for being such hardcore Yankee haters (Jeter love doesn't count)...

    Shyeah right, that'll be the day.

    By Blogger Karen, at 10:09 AM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • I was listening to that Jeter piece and wondering wtf was wrong with those guys. It had the edge of being funny but also the edge of being obviously sarcastic.

    I did think the Giambi ankle turning thing was funny though. Made me want to help the boys out doing it. :)

    By Blogger Yankeebob, at 10:35 AM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • timmeh mccarver lurves the yankees, it just tends to get lost amid all the senile babble. joe buck doesnt love anything but the sound of his own voice and the cardinals.

    bob, it was the sarcasm i most enjoyed. timmeh's gushing, albeit sincere and well-meaning, makes me want to throw up. buck keeping him in check is one of the few parts of their generally awful broadcast i can stomach.

    By Blogger lupe_velez, at 12:19 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>
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