soft hands.

mets go back to being dumb, all is right with the world

dodgers pitching coach jim colburn on kaz ishii:

"You know, [Ishii's] style, one needs a lot of patience to allow him to win his games because the way he does it can be nerve-wracking - that's the best word.

[cut out colburn attempting to accentuate the positive, throwing around the dreaded "W" word and stopping just short of using the "I" word]

...Asked what pitch Ishii had the most trouble with, he said jokingly, "Strikes."

jokingly, my ass. just when i thought that staff couldn't be any more unwatchable, ishii combines the torturous slowness of trachsel with zambrano's inability to get the ball over the plate. annoyed as i get with things in the bronx, thank you, baby jesus, for not making me a fan of the metsies.
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