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i don't believe what i just saw

For once, a group of reporters weren't crowding around Jason Giambi with steroid questions. Giambi slugged a triple in the fifth inning last night, a rare event considering he has one career triple as a Yankee (in 2002) and eight overall. "I'm reinvented, reinvented," Giambi said with a grin after coming out of the game. "Still tired, though."

Giambi joked that he was mad at ex-teammate Aaron Boone , the Indians' third baseman, because Boone hit Giambi with a snap tag in a close play. "I was like, let me in there," Giambi said.

Giambi played five innings at first and said his legs, which had been tired, "felt good, like they were up under me." [the daily news]

i couldn't believe it either. he chugged around second, tongue all a-waggle, realized blake wasn't going to get the ball and started picking up a little bit of steam... i thought oh god no he's going for third! and watched through my fingers. but sweet baby jesus, he made it.

and brown did well, some infielders faux pas notwithstanding. not that he'll ever let anyone know he had a good outing.
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  • I love that everyone seemed to have the same reaction. I was like "He is NOT trying for a triple! In Spring Training!" (my Lupicassian sentence for the day) and my roommate was like "Does he not hit a lot of those...OK, yeah, I can see why."

    Nice to see him trying, though.

    By Blogger Karen, at 8:43 AM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • this is one of the many reasons i'm a saberhead. the worth of a hit should be based on power and location, not food speed. sigh.

    By Blogger June, at 7:00 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • ^ I meant FOOT, of course, not food. although food, too, should have nothing to do with the worth of a hit in baseball.

    By Blogger June, at 7:01 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • also, i am going to bury here (rather than be raked over the coals by announcing it at bobc) the fact that i found kevin brown's arrogant, crooked, "looking for the sign" stance to be very sexy last night. it'll never happen again.

    By Blogger June, at 7:02 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>
  • kevin brown is one strangely hot deranged piece of ass. still HATE him though.

    By Blogger lupe_velez, at 7:57 PM   <$BlogItemControl$>
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