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word to your mother

everyone ought to take a few minutes to read karen's cute interview with her mom on the upcoming season. an excerpt:

KB: And Hideki?
Mom: I have a feeling he’s going to be Most Valuable Player. Doesn’t he do first base?
KB: Left field.
Mom: OK. He’s a hustler, from what I’ve seen. They’re not prejudiced against him, are they?
KB: For being Japanese?
Mom: Well, you know how things are in a clique.
KB: As long as he hits and does his job, I think they’ll like him just fine.
Mom: Good. That's not nice to leave him out.

i love reading about moms and baseball. one of my favorite things about captain intangibles is that he's a big old momma's boy. you read all over the place about fathers and sons, but rare are murmurings about mothers and sons, mothers and daughters. i'm not whining - guys play the game, run the game, write about the game. what's a girl gonna do, at least til i have a team in my manicured clutches? anyway, for me, my father taught me how to play the game, but my mother taught me to love it.
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  • Now that's the kind of thing my mom needs to see to change her mind about Derek! You can't be snooty and aloof if you love your momma!

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