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i saw the headline and flinched a little, half-expecting to find below it some butchered backhanded compliments scattered about yet another writer's own hatey-agenda driven words. color me shocked when i realized it was mostly mientadfh dougie shedding some thoughtful light on the golden boy everyone loves to loathe.

Mient.kiewicz refused to discuss his true feelings about A-Rod with either his teammates or the media at the time, mainly because they would've gone counter to his angry Boston teammates. That wouldn't go over too well with the fellas. So in the spirit of clubhouse harmony, he kept them to himself. Until the other day.

You see, Mientkiewicz likes the guy and thinks he's been getting a bum rap from Boston.

"I know what he's like inside," he said inside the locker room of his new team, the Mets. "He'll always be a friend of mine."


i was tempted to quote it all. do read the whole thing. props, minky. that took balls*.

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