soft hands.

ladies and gentleman......... now batting..........num-bah two....derek.....jeet-ah. shortstop.

The Voice. Even over the telephone, it is unmistakable.

No one who has ever set so much as a foot inside Yankee Stadium over the last half-century can fail to recognize Bob Sheppard's voice. It is so infused with authority that Mr. Sheppard could read Eminem lyrics aloud and make them sound like Magna Carta.

... the Voice is remarkably undented by time. Sportswriters have stretched themselves sore reaching for adjectives to describe it. Stately, august, classic, silken, dignified, elegant, mellifluous, sonorous, velvety and soothing form but a partial list. All those words still apply, especially in this age of screaming sports announcers who make the old Crazy Eddie pitchman sound sedate. [new york times]

i hate to think of what the stadium will be like without him, someday. i do believe i'll remember him more fondly than many players, he's such an integral part of the fabric of the place.
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