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not that i feel this way myself (except for the ben affleck mention, and my loathing for him.. there's no one word that quite captures the visceral hatey feeling i get in my gut when i'm subjected to his smarmy face or his girly voice. fuck just don't do it.), but overhearing a rant like this would have tickled me senseless.

Angry Guy: Fuck New England. Fuck people from Boston. Fuck Pats' fans, fuck Red Sox fans, fuck Ben Affleck, fuck Denis Leary, fuck Harvard, fuck MIT, fuck Aerosmith, fuck the Pixies, fuck David Foster Wallace, fuck Boston Cream pie and clam chowder and Sam Adams, fuck Dr. Spock, fuck pahking your cah in Hahvahd Yahd, fuck Sacco and Vanzetti, fuck Paul Revere, fuck 'em all. --Borough Park
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