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Super Bowls are so long they can be broken down into geologic eras: Cenozoic, Mesozoic, Paleozoic and Precambrian being the four quarters. Inevitably, as in life itself, the more resourceful mammals, that is to say, the Patriots, prevailed.

Poor Nomar Garciaparra went over to greet his colleagues, Derek and A-Rod, and fans roared, "No-mah, don't go near those guys!" Nomar hugged them anyway. And look what happened to him, banished to the Cubs, the Flying Dutchmen of baseball, 97 years since winning a World Series and ticking.

and sigh:
Now it is time for one of my favorite sporting phrases: pitchers and catchers. [new york times]

these days can't go fast enough.
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  • It's TRUCK DAY!!!!!!

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  • {claps obnoxiously a la a monarch} WE DEMAND MORE WRITAGE FROM LUPIFER! ENTERTAIN US!

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