soft hands.


oh, the press conference? i'm glad he made zero attempt to disguise his mercenary intentions, unlike everso many others who have passed under the joe d sign.

somewhere inbetween all the apologizing and arizona damage control, his voice broke a little with earnest emotion:

``I just want to win so bad. That's all I've ever wanted to do,'' he said.

and with that i decided i am prepared to attempt the journey from irrational horrorshow skin-crawly animosity now reserved only for cal ripken to a benevolent love bestowed purely and SOLELY upon his pitching arm heretofore reserved only for roger clemens:

Randy Johnson doesn't laugh very often, and even when he does, he lasers in with those cold, small eyes that suggest there's a fierce temper bubbling close to the surface. The Big Unit apologized several times for shoving a cameraman in Manhattan on Monday, and while he sounded contrite and sincere, the Yankees should make sure Johnson stays in touch with his most precious gift, that inner rage.

...The Big Unit can be remembered for a lot of things - but not for his graciousness or long, thoughtful answers. The Yankees have Mike Mussina to act as the clubhouse intellectual. They have Joe Torre as the billboard of professionalism. They have Derek Jeter as a marketing weapon. Johnson is here for his fastball, and only that.

If the Yankees are smart, they've already sent Johnson back home to Arizona to prepare for spring training. There, he'll lock himself in the gym and hone those precious weapons.

His arm, which generates record-breaking heat.

And his heart, which is pure ice.[bergen record]


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