soft hands.

When the season was over, Martinez called for a meeting with Steinbrenner, but never did get an offer out of him. Deep down, Martinez always wanted to believe that he would be the beneficiary of The Boss' desire to cripple the Red Sox by signing him, but he wouldn't touch Martinez. Steinbrenner wouldn't have him.

The greatest showman of all appeared Monday night to have sold himself out of the best theater in sports for a dreadful, last-place existence with the Mets. His ego made him leave Boston, his greed brings him to Flushing and ultimately, his jealousy for everything he left behind will make him one miserable Met. From the searing heat of the Sox and Yankees, Martinez will be reduced to elbowing Anna Benson for mirror time in the Shea Stadium clubhouse. So, Martinez is the biggest star on the Mets now, which set against the Yankees-Red Sox, is like being the tallest de la Rosa brother. [the bergen record]
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