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the pitcher puts religion first and rests on holidays

i wasn't a fan of the trade for you know who to begin with, and at this point i don't give a shit whether it goes down or not, but the dodger organization sure looks like a bunch of shady bitches right about now:

The Los Angeles Dodgers right now are as messy as a department store shelf after a full day of Christmas shopping. And the looming question is, by the time they finish cleaning it up and putting together their 2005 team, will owner Frank McCourt and his general manager, Paul DePodesta, have any credibility left?

If there is some sort of grand vision, it is not evident.

If there is a general direction, it is not discernible. [cbs sportsline]

quoth randy levine:

"The Dodgers reneged on the deal that was agreed to last Friday, unequivocally and with no contingencies except for a window for contract extensions and physicals... For some reason, the Dodgers over the weekend started to backpedal. Why they would break their word is only something they can answer. It sure is disappointing, and we'll have to think long and hard before ever doing business with the Dodgers again." [espn]
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