soft hands.

"He had a great first half last year, then it got away from him and he couldn't find a way to pull it back together," Mussina said. "Javy can pitch; he has too much talent. He can pitch in New York."

...For pitchers making their first foray into free agency, such as Carl Pavano, Mussina advised getting priorities organized.

"You have to sit down and think about what it's all about for you," Mussina said. "What's important ? Is it pitching in a certain part of the country? Is it winning? Is it pitching in a certain type of ballpark? I know with me, I really wanted to stay in this part of the country, and when I had the opportunity of pitching for the Yankees, it was perfect for me. I weighed the pros and cons, but there aren't many negatives about pitching for the Yankees." [hartford courant]


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