soft hands.

congrats, windmill willie!

both from newsday:

Raised in Brooklyn, baseball-educated in the Bronx, Willie Randolph will get the opportunity of a lifetime in Queens with the Mets planning to introduce him today as the club's 18th manager during a news conference at Shea Stadium.

Give Randolph the benefit of the doubt. Take him at his word that this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Pat him on the back for being a realist for saying, during his post-interview conference call: "It's not rocket science. It's just a matter of understanding that if you have a group of players that want to play hard for you every day and you have some talent, you've got a chance to to some good things."

Knowing about winning won't hurt. His six championship rings will be his trump card if any of the Mets veteran lefthanded pitchers ever feels the need to make a few unsolicited suggestions.

i'm glad he's finally getting a chance. i'll miss his crazy ass on Kids On Deck, though.


dear baby jesus,

how about convincing that joe girardi to get on board, hm?

your pal
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