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warm fuzzy piece on the arod-mientakjerowuarywuz high school friendship in the hartford courant:
One thing Mientkiewicz remembers Rodriguez could not do as a teenager was dress. Rodriguez now has an endless collection of brilliant suits.

"Let's put it this way - a lot of my clothes ended up in his closet," Mientkiewicz said. "Some of the stuff he wore was like rookie dress-up day. Thank God we had to wear a uniform for school. I wish I could get into his closet now."

Rodriguez, always the All-America type, was a frequent visitor at the Mientkiewicz home, which was a few minutes from the school. He would charm Doug's mother, whom he still visits occasionally.

yeah, he looks like a momma charmer. i mean, he's got my momma in his pocket and she's only seen him on the teevee.


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