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sometimes i hate the internet.

but mostly, i love it.

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At least you're out in the open now. My heart bleeds for all of you whining, sniveling, spoiled crybabies. I'm not talking about people who are upset about this loss and especially the way it went down. That's normal, no one likes to see their team lose, especially not on their homefield to their biggest rival in monumental fashion.

I'm talking to all the people who are worried about going to work or school and taking some shit, all the people who are acting as if the team intentionally betrayed them, all the people who seem to think that 'Yankee class' is something that they don't need to exhibit, all the people who think it's the Yankees God given right to always win and always beat Boston. Guess what, dipshits? If 8 teams had made the playoffs every year since 1918 the Sox would have likely beat us quite a few times in the post season by now and other teams would likely have blown 3 -0 leads. That's why it's happened in hockey before, because they didn't have a 70 year era where only 2 teams made the playoffs.

I'm really disgusted by some of the shit I've heard from people who call themselves Yankees fans over the last 24 hours. The same people who were chanting 'MVP' when Sheff was at bat are now trashing him. The same people who were ready to suck ARod and Matsui's dicks 6 short days ago are now calling them assholes with no pride. Suddenly a team that came from behind to win 61 times is accused of having no heart.

Well fuck you. For the first time in my life I'm embarrased to be a Yankees fan and it's not because of the team, it's because of the assclowns who think that if the team didn't win it's an affront to their personal right to have a victory parade every year, and that each player and coach who didn't perform perfectly should be crucified for selling out Yankee Pride. In case no one informed you, the Yankees don't have exclusive rights to dramatic comebacks or storybook endings and they're not immune to embarrassing failure.

I just wish more of you frontrunners would add 'bandwagoner' to your repertoires and bail altogether, because none of you deserve to take pleasure from the successes that will come in the future. I hope someone breaks into your house tonight and steals all your Yankees gear.

edit again to clarify i didn't write the above, although i wish i had. i couldn't have channeled my rage so neatly.
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