soft hands.

some bits in the daily news, going from great:

- shopping brown to atlanta, praise the lord. hey, can they get leo mazzone for him?

- mel doing his usual pondering about retirement. you're a nice fella mel but go, already.

to okaaaay:

- lousiana lightning to replace him? uh. i love him as much as the next girl but what's he done in a coaching capacity besides hang around at spring training? what's wrong with neil allen, or gil patterson?


- they're "resigned" to trading vazquez, and reinvestigating the randy johnson route. they let jeff weaver hang around trying to get straightened out, why not give javy that chance? it's not his fault joe torre put him in a position to fail. what's the point of getting a new pitching coach if there's no one left who really needs to be helped? and RJ? great, make this team even older. they can sit in their geri chairs and watch while javy pitches his ass off for another team.
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