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30 helens agree [john donovan, too]: hands down one of the all around worst games in memory. i think i've been to little league games that had better execution of baseball fundamentals. one of the few redeeming qualities about this pile of crap was that my team's pitching managed to be a little less shitty than the oppositions and ultimately won out.

don't get me wrong. i am happy. in fact, i'm fucking ecstatic. the offensive explosion made me see stars, made my toes curl, all that sexy stuff. i delight in the demoralization of the sox, in the silence of however many they manage to cram into that sardine can of a ballpark, as much as the next girl, but come on.

from the boston globe:

Fifth Inning: Before the game, Howie Long, in town for Sunday’s Patriots-Seahawks game, and the rest of the FOX NFL crew were hanging out down by the Red Sox dugout. Long was giving Mets pitcher Al Leiter, who by all accounts has been great in the booth, some advice about the broadcasting business. Hopefully he passed some on to McCarver.

They should have Francona miked for this game. I can only imagine the Boston manager. “Get an out. Please, can’t someone get a &^%$#@& out?” 13-6 Yankees. The 19 runs combined thus far set an ALCS record for most runs in a game. Can we mention it is the FIFTH INNING?

one to go.
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