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i have a hundred more things i want to say but i have no time this morning. saw this in the daily news though, and had to share with my loves:

Either Jorge Posada has been reading George Orwell's "1984" about "Big Brother watching" or he's simply seen too much of the Bill Murray movie "Groundhog Day."

The folks at Fox Sports sure would like to know why the Yankee catcher saw fit to stomp out and destroy their in-ground mini-cameras in front of home plate that are designed to give a different view of the hitters.

According to Fox officials, it all happened in the first two innings of Game 1 and they have the videotape to prove it. Before the game, Fox technicians noticed that someone had pushed dirt all over the front of the camera lenses so that they weren't able to function. But after an aide rushed out to clear the dirt off the lenses in the top of the first inning, Posada was seen covering them all up again. Then, after Fox crewmen cleared them again in the top of the second inning, Posada walked over and was caught on tape stomping on the lenses, rendering them non-functional.

The special cameras have been approved for use through an agreement with Fox, MLB, the players' association and the Yankees, and upon being alerted to the incident by Fox officials, Chuck Torres , MLB's Manager of Broadcasting Operations ,went to Yankee GM Brian Cashman and Joe Torre , who reportedly told Posada to cease and desist.

Just why Posada was so determined to stomp out the cameras is unclear, although one baseball official said there was talk that both Posada and Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek thought the cameras were being used to steal the catchers' signs. "Either that," the official said, "or Jorge just didn't like the idea of having his cup on national TV."

Originally published on October 14, 2004

i really was wondering why they weren't using the diamond cams :D

now if only someone could kick that asinine talking baseball gimmick.
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