soft hands.

expanding on the last theme

why bernie?

because he is ours, in a way that even derek jeter is not. in a way that people who assume yankee fan=bandwagoner won't understand.

Williams stood in the center of the room, swarmed by
reporters, as Derek Jeter kidded him.

"We got a plane to catch!" Jeter hollered.

Williams giggled, television lights shining in his face, not quite
ready for Toronto. "I'm stuck!" he cried.

It was a rare sight this season: Williams as the center of
attention. [ ny times]

"I really believe I'm part of something bigger than
just me," he was saying, as the celebration continued all around him.
"Playing for the Yankee organization, playing for the history that
comes with it, it's not about the numbers, or records, or anything
like that. It's about winning.

"That's the way I've always felt, and that's the way this team has
always played over the years. That's why we win."

As always, Bernie spoke softly, in this case as softly as anyone could
possibly speak with champagne being sprayed throughout a noisy locker
room. With his classical music training, his quiet manner, he has
never been your typical major leaguer.

In some clubhouses, he may never have been allowed to flourish. As a
young Yankee more than a decade ago he was teased for being too
gentle, to the point of crying. But then the Yankees cleaned house,
made character and team-oriented players a priority, and Bernie fit
perfectly. [ daily news ]
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