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killing time

The Yankees had a noon report time, so most players were inside the clubhouse mulling around trying to pass time. Some players lounged on couches trying to remember being a part of a forfeit on any level. "Not that I can think of," Derek Jeter said. On one side of the clubhouse, Steve Karsay and Enrique Wilson were playing a video game on a television in Esteban Loaiza's locker. On the other side, the team's players union rep Mike Mussina joked about how they should pass the time. "Let's get a grill and cook hot dogs and hamburgers on the field," Mussina said. "Or we can play an inter-squad Wiffle ball game." [newsday]


- fond as i am of mr personality himself, surely he'd be singing a more cantankerous tune had it been his day to pitch
- i would probably pay to see them play intersquad wiffleball


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